These 2 best friends are buddies since the sixth grade – however in an exceedingly strange flip of events, they recently discovered that they’re not solely best friends… they’re conjointly brothers.

Over the course of the last six decades, director Macfarlane and Alan Robinson of island, Hawaii have compete cardsalong, compete soccer along, and mature up along. They conjointly had similar family histories; Macfarlane ne’erknew his father, and Robinson was adopted.

As a way of making an attempt to trace down his biological father, however, Macfarlane started investigation his ancestry on the net. when undergoing a deoxyribonucleic acid take a look at, Macfarlane discovered that he had startlingly equally biological science with a user named Robi737.

The nom de guerre over up happiness to Robinson, UN agency had taken constant deoxyribonucleic acid take a look at years earlier thus he might resolve additional concerning his birth family. additional analysis disclosed that Robinson and Macfarlane were so biological brothers.

Upon experiencing the shock of the invention, the brothers square measure currently planning to travel the globebefore they are going into retirement along.

“This is that the best Christmas present I might ever imagine having,” Robinson told KHON.


  1. Really now??!! I had to put my Dad in an old age care centre as I cannot care for him myself as I am a working single mother and only child but although my daily schedule is always full I pop in by my father at least twice a week. You can really be ashamed and ouma Debbs they deserve your cold shoulder. Where do they suddenly get time visit their mom???

  2. I personally believe their responsibilities for their very own families were greater in value than their very own mother that gave them life through God,who seen no value in visiting their mum atleast 2 times a month. cos she was nothing but a burden to the 14 she had nothing but complaints about her loneliness pain n sadness to bequeath to them that was of no value to share all that with their mum to even give her the assurance that all will be fine. so in essence now you find it reasonable value is brought to the life of a useless mother who was a mere pity party so they all want to jump the line and win their mothers favour. time is of the essence life is so precious memories are bulit with a loved one for the future good or bad so these children failed their mum n don’t deserve even a smile from their mum. sadly will never be missed or even thought about prior to her winnings now they making their initial consultation with her. Merciless people like this dont deserve her respect. donate your winnings after u enjoy your money to an old age home to build up their entertainment centre so that they will have no reason to complain about loneliness boredom or as to how they miss their cold children. give those people a reason to always remember you and put a smile on their faces. Take care and May the Good Lord grant you longevity so that you can also enjoy the entertainment center at the homes built via your donations. Age is nothing but a number.

  3. Commendable’indeed, my wife and I looked after my mother when my 4 other did nothing.she stayed with us approximately 16 yrs.we put her on our medical plan and she lacked nothing. I always told her that we look after her and will never put her into an old age can you repay a parent.!!!!!


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