A 76-year-old woman, who has been living at a senior assisted center for the last 4 years, recently happened upon amazing good fortune and is suddenly receiving love from all of her children 

When Debbie Lewis tragically lost her husband 4 years ago, none of her 14 children jumped at the opportunity to take her in during her final years. They collectively thought it would be a better idea to put their mother in a retirement home rather than dealing with the effort of caring for Debbie themselves.

In 2013 Debbie began to struggle with her body’s inability to do normal daily activities and errands. Being recently windowed she was now dealing with the added stress of doing everything all alone.

Debbie was in need of help from her family, to think that loving old lady took very good care of 14 kids and got no help in return is saddening, “Marie Levy, Debbie’s neighbor at the time, told CBCNews.

Debbie’s children see things in a very different light, saying “she was losing her mind” and “needed professional help.” Debbie’s youngest son was the only one to visit her during her 4 years at the senior assisted center.

But that has all changed now…

For better or worse, that all changed on fateful evening at the retirement home. While catching up with relatives online, Debbie stumbled upon an article on Casino sitea reputable British gaming site offering Free Spins + Welcome Bonus.

“I was on Facebook browsing through pictures of old friends and relatives. That’s when I saw a interesting article that was telling me I had free spins just for “£10 at ‘Casino site’. I’m not usually one to gamble, but I thought why not, what do I have to lose, it’s another sleepless night away. So I did it, claimed the 30 free spins but failed to win anything.”

“I thought of calling off for the night, but somehow I got a strange feeling that my luck will get better if I give another go. I made another £10 deposit to get extra spins and I will call it a day after I have exhausted all my spins.”

And then – 3 minutes and 27 spins later – something astonishing happened. Flashing across the screen of her old android smartphone the numbers £1,782,390.00 suddenly appeared. Without knowing it at the time, Debbie had just won the progressive jackpot on the Casino site – winning over 15x her annual pension in seconds.

Image: Debbie’s account that suddenly got the attention of her 14 children.

“A whole bunch of numbers just popped up on my screen, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many numbers” Debbie giggled. “Seriously though, I didn’t expect to win, and it’s more money than I ever would’ve dreamt of. It still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Which begs the question, what is a woman her age doing on Facebook?

“All us old folks have been reconnecting on Facebook these days, my caretaker Larry signed me up and I’ve reached a lot of my old friends.” Debbie says as he smiles.

In her 76 years on this earth, Debbie has never had as much financial freedom as she does now, and her children are quickly latching their hooks onto her wagon. All 14 of Debbie’s children have visited her in the last week, which seems quite curious to say the least, considering their mother now has over £1,700,000.00 in the bank.

Debbie no longer wants to be a part of her children’s lives and vows to donate the money to a cause for the elderly when she passes. She doesn’t think her 14 children deserve it, and she’s felt that way for a long time.

“Many of us old folks are often neglected by our families and forgotten by society. When I leave this world I hope my donations can help bring some joy to other elderly people in situations similar to mine. An old biddy like me doesn’t need all this money and I sure can’t take it with me!”

Debbie’s children were unavailable for comment but we can only assume that they are quite regretful on their past neglect of their mother. Let this be a cautionary tale for those who all too easily forget about the mother who raised them. We can only hope that after reading this article you give your Mother a call and let her know how much you appreciate her!

Share this story with others who you think could use a gentle reminder to show genuine love and kindness towards the woman who brought them into this world!

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  1. People can love each other very much for a long time ,with peace and dealing sad when one is experiencing problems,but not knowing that they are blood brothers.Look at the features of them,exactly alike.Surely they were more pleased to know that they are biological brothers.

  2. Many people use to love their friends, neighbor’s and families but didn’t love ur blood sisters and brothers, since our mother passed away 2013, my old brothers didn’t help us with anything we are straggling, he help outside people

  3. I’m concerned about lack of love nowadays. Nobody cares for anybody as long as he or she is satisfied. It is worse amongst relatives.

    • That is so tru! It really is a pitty…It sadens me to experience no love from family members. my one sister is cross with me for many years and doesnt speak to me, I dont even know why. The Bible states that in the last Times there will not be love between people anymore.. and one can see that clearly happening.

  4. Very hard saw mom God is wit u and your kids don’t derisive any cent they threw u away y care now cause u have money disgrace to all 14 of u dirty harts she gave your love from day 1 right till you all finish schools mothers love is pure and with out a mother theirs is no world it really hurts I still take this day that I lost my mom in 1990 she got knocked on her way to work and died on the spot but I still call any ones mom my mom I love you mom and hope u get well soon ??????God bless u love u mummy from. nikhil

  5. I’m in the same situation but I definitely don’t care about my son or his family anymore. I have a life to live -I’ve done nothing wrong so why should we the mother/father waste the time we have left crying, hurting and hoping when we have a life to live?

  6. I lost my mother 15 years ago, I wish she was here.Sometimes I wish to ask only one thing to God to send my Mother to visit me for 7 days just to talk to her . Never abounded your Mother whether she’s complaint a lot enjoy that moment. Your Mother is your Mother no matter what.

  7. Awesome story and very true its happens every day ,I know you feel and what u have decided I Agree 200% and you stay Strong .God already blessed you cause God knows your heart and where you going to implement the money through. good luck ,stay bless and take care.

  8. From our side it’s different. My husband and myself stayed far from his mom. We used to phone her and she always used to ask us how she could help us. But we told her we were just phoning to say hello and how she’s doing. Last year July we moved to her town and was supposed to look after her as she was supposed to go for an operation. A week before we moved she called my husband to say we can stay in her house alone as she’s decided to go for the operation and then was going to live on the same property as my husband’s brother so they can help her. We visited her there a few times but could feel the tension. Then for the about a month or two there was always an excuse why we couldn’t go visit her. In December she came around and said she did not want to see anybody but would come to us in January when she felt ready. We did not know why but respected her wishes. Came January she rocked up to the house with an estate agent and then the same day we got a letter from her attorney to say we must move out at the end of February. Every one said she can’t just put us out cause we had a verbal agreement which we stuck to. Any how we respected her wishes and found a place to live. My husband and his sister went to visit her and found out their brother and his girlfriend had put her in a old aged house. They went to see her there and she was happy to see them and said now she could see her family. A week after that my husband and myself went to see her. She saw us under protest and then the Matron came to tell us we must leave as we just upset her and they are in position of a attorney letter to state we may not see her. So we left after I told her I still loved her. So it’s not the case that we don’t want to see her it’s a case of motherly rejection. – We still love and pray for Jesus to change her heart. – We still don’t know what we have done.

    • It is a Spiritual battle, thanks for the letter, sometimes people just hear one side of the story, I am glad that you gave your side. I know how you feel, my sister also rejected me for no reason. It is sad. Jesus said that in the latter Times the love that People have for each other will not be there anymore, maybe we must not be surprised that thing are going as it is.

  9. I’m a woman of 43 years and my 2daughters just neglected me and the younger one has a baby of 3 years old now,she decided to take my grand daughter to my mom of 74 years because ,I couldn’t say yes ,when she was going to weekend out and leave me with the baby and I have my own baby too,same age as hers,i did everything for her daughter,she would be chatting on phone,while I’m busy with kids tired after work,i think I’m learning a lot

  10. I have realized that when you are poor, people /friends/relatives dont love you or consider your existence. They won’t visit you or call you. The day they discover that you are financially loaded , they will come running reminding you how related you are to them. May God help us to love each other unconditionally


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