If you live in Europe, this may be your chance to win big.

Major Online Casino is set for a turmoil as an exclusive New Year’s promotion intended for A-list VIP players only has been unintentionally revealed and made available for the public.

The promotion, set to match first Deposits in 2020 by 200% has reportedly caused Drama and confusion with the thriving brand, as efforts to limit the bonus are currently underway.

Markus Mehler, an experienced casino player from Regensburg, who was one of the first players to discover the loophole explains; “The Online Casino promotional campaign for VIP Players was intended to give 200% of additional free credits to First deposits made in 2020,
Unfortunately for the casino, a small configuration mistake has caused the promotion to be available to ALL New players, meaning that deposits of up to 500EUR are matched up to 1500EUR.”

Users have reported first deposits of as low as 20EUR has been successfully multiplied to a total balance of 60EUR.
Once the promotion has been granted, users are able to use the balance freely and play any one of the hundreds of games available on site.

As a result, people are using the free credit and hitting jackpots that are costing The online casino heavily. What is making matters even worse for the company is that there is no way for them to fix it due to the the quick and wide spread of the promotion and strict gambling laws which require online casinos to honor any promotion offered by them, Intentionally or not.

What happened?
A small configuration mistake has caused a banner to appear to all new players,
Revealing the Exclusive offer to tens of thousands of players.

It is currently estimated that Magic Red has given away more than 5 Million Euros to date for deposit match ups and Player winnings.
with the story still unfolding, amounts may possibly reach 15-20Million Euros before the promotion comes to an end.

**How Can I get it?**
It is not yet known when this issue will be fixed, meaning the promotion is **still available to date ** for thousands of individuals across Europe.

To claim the promotion

1. Use this link to register
2. Make your deposit to claim the promotion
3. Play

**Update: Promotion not currently available in the UK

**No comment has been received from Magic Red by **


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