Wow-oh-wow! What a week. In just five days we’ve had two multi-million wins here at The Sun Bingo and we’re still in a very happy state of shock and awe following the news.

On the 30th of June, Tressy, a 34 years old guy from Manchester couldn’t believe his eyes when the Bingo spun him a fantastic £39,715 win on a €2.50 card. Our 28-year-old friend had just come home after his night shift and thought to chillax a bit while playing a game on The Sun Bingo. Chill turned to thrill. Magicness!

Fast forward five days to the 4th of July and we’re left speechless. Another The Sun Bingo hit an even bigger jackpot–actually, the BIGGEST EVER in The Sun Bingo history. That’s a whopping £168,124 for the record. Our second jackpot winner was playing Bingo on mobile when he smashed our record on an amazing €1 card. Is that lucky or what?!

We’re officially imillionaire-makers. A third jackpot anyone? The Hall of Gods jackpot is currently €3.8 million. Just sayin’.

As far as the Bingo winnings go, our own 24Hour News reporter Sarah couldn’t help and also tried her hand at the jackpot but only walked away with a £485 win – “you can’t always win as big as William sadly!”

Others in London have also shared in the winnings claiming over £2,000 in prizes on the The Sun Bingo Jackpots!

Think this could be your lucky day too? Sign Up for The Sun Bingo and they’ll even give you 40 free to play after you deposit £10! Reliable sources have told us that because of its extreme popularity, The Sun Bingo is considering discontinuing this promotional offer. However, as of 30-8-2018, this offer is still valid.




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