In TodayPosts, we found out the following story that became viral after knowing that Darren, a man not very physically graceful and working as a security guard in a club, became a doubly lucky man by winning a prize of a lot of money and later marrying Kate, a very pretty woman. The question of many is whether Kate was married out of love or interest.

Darren had worked for many years in a high class club where he took care of the security of the place frequented by stars, beautiful models and very important celebrities. Every night, luxurious cars, beautiful models with high jewellery and amazing dresses paraded in front of his eyes. He knew that he would never become like the customers of the club with that ugly face and with the salary of security guard, unless he won an unexpected prize of lottery, but what he most wanted, besides having more money and little luxury, was to be able to marry one of those beautiful models and live a happy life.

“She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”

One night in the summer of 2017, Darren was working at the club as usual, watching all kinds of personalities circulate. In an unexpected moment, a blonde model appeared in the queue. He had never seen her before and sher penetrated his eyes like no other woman had before. He was stunned to see the attractive blonde with a charming smile, a penetrating gaze and her beautiful curves. “This was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Darren said.

Darren and Kate pose in front of camera before they get married

The security guard became a man in love since that night, but the feeling was not mutual. Kate continued to frequent the club without paying much attention to Darren, but he did not give up trying to conquer her by inviting her to dinner and drinks after working hours. He also tried waiting for her outside the house with bouquets of flowers, sending gifts to her office and many other strategies that did not work out. The gorgeous Kate had no interest in him. “With this horrific look and also working as a security guard, how am I going to get her?!”, said Darren.

One day Kate spotted alone at the entrance of the club and he took the opportunity to try to break the ice by asking the security questions as he did the rest of the new customers who wanted to enter the Club for the first time. He now had the opportunity to ask even more questions, even more indiscreet and personal without her noticing his intentions. Darren had a good memory, so he registered the name of the blonde (Kate), her address and the workplace.

Since childhood his physical appearance was a source of ridicule in his school and laughs at home. They thought that no matter how good a person he was, he would not marry because of his physical appearance. He never lost hope and always wished to have a more stable life by stopping working at night to start a family.

With high spirits and having faith that one day he would marry Kate, Darren arranged all sorts of other alternatives to convince her to get involved with him. Of course, he made something clear. His conclusion was that the best way to conquer it would be to become one of the clients of the Club, with a lot of money and luxuries, but … how would he get it?

He started looking for all kinds of ideas on the internet on how to make a lot of money and in a short time. Navigating on Facebook with his mobilephone, he found a great deal of an online Casino that offered R 1000 after first deposit to play and win. Without thinking he clicked on the ad, registered in less than 1 minute. After making his first low deposit, he kept on playing with his Free R 1000, Darren prayed to become a lucky man and silence all mockers, but above all to achieve their dreams come true.

On the eighth play, while Darren closed his eyes thinking about Kate, a strange noise began to sound. There were golden flakes flying and stars floating on his small cell phone screen. Indeed, Darren became the winner of the game. He won the prize of the game whose sum of the pot amounted to nothing more than R 23,000,000.

A few days after receiving the prize transfer, Darren bought a luxury car and filled it with flowers and luxurious gifts, all for the woman of his dreams that he could not miss.

The next day he sent her home very early some flowers and some gifts but this time very expensive to start with a big impact. He waited for her outside his house with the car, wishing with all his heart that he would agree to take a ride with him. When Kate left and saw Darren in the car, she could not contain herself and accepted his proposal to have a ride.

Darren and Kate selfie in restaurant

After a few minutes driving =the car, Darren stopped in front of a luxury restaurant and hurried to open the door of Kate. In the middle of the meal he took out a diamond ring and with the most romantic words proposed marriage. Kate could not contain herself and confessed that from the first moment she saw something special in him, but never dared to take the step for what they will say.

Finally they celebrated the long-awaited wedding with great joy, especially by Darren and his family. A few days later they left for a honeymoon at a luxury hotel to celebrate the great moment of being together.

Darren and Kate pose in the garden after marriage
Darren and Kate enjoying Honeymoon in Luxury Hotel

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