Cape Town – The wedding gift that school teacher, Rob Brits, gave to his wife Hannah, became something unforgettable… and not just because it was valued at R15 847 920, but because of the great romantic gesture that went with it! Winning a huge sum by cracking Europa Casino‘s jackpot made their lives so much easier.

Rob Brit is a young school teacher at a small primary school in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. Over the past three years, Rob has went through a hard time in his relationship with Hannah due to the high wedding costs. His wife wanted to spend much more than he earned, causing many disputes between them. He felt he was letting her down.

In the end, they both ended up planning a simple and economical wedding, but simply couldn’t afford the honeymoon or any extras at that point.

Rob and his wife would spend their evenings discussing what they’d do if they had more money – they’d go to New York, and then to Mauritius, to feel the fresh air on their faces and have the pleasure of walking barefoot in the sand. Mauritius is a very costly place to travel to, so considering the daily expenses, house rental and the wedding charges, it looked like an impossible place to visit on their honeymoon.

One night, Rob was updating his Facebook with their current wedding plans. He was feeling exhausted and borderline depressed when he came across an advert for Europa Casino. Rob scrolled past but went back quickly to read the advert again. He had almost no money and he knew it would be foolish to spend any betting online. But the promotion they were offering gave a generous amount of free credits with a small deposit. It was too good a deal to pass up.

What happened next would change the Brits’ lives for the better. After claiming his bonus and taking just a single spin on a Europa Casino’s Mega Moolah, Rob had won! Cashing out a grand total of R15 847 920 in a matter of minutes, every single one of Rob’s financial worries melted away. His winnings were more than 50 times his annual salary, meaning Rob could pay all his debts and take Hannah on the trip she always dreamed about. “I nearly fell to the floor when I saw the winning jackpot payout,” he said. “That kind of money is life-changing for a couple like us. I figured there was no reason for me not to try it, and I’m so glad made that decision”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” says Rob. “I thought I was dreaming in the moment I hit the jackpot. I was so shocked the next day to see the full amount in my cheque account. I really couldn’t believe it. I started paying off the medical bills quietly and adding funds to our wedding savings. I even secretly bought us a house – I wanted give Hannah the best surprise I could.”

On the wedding night, having kept these huge secrets for weeks, Rob knelt down next to Hannah and placed two plane tickets in front of her. Her face lit up when she saw they were for a trip to Mauritius, and Rob finally told her the whole story of what had happened that night. He then handed Hannah the keys to their new house. She was in shock!

It was a matter of destiny that Rob would come across the Europa Casino advert that hopeless night and try his luck with the bonus they were offering. That single decision turned his entire life around.

Although he is one of the bigger winners of the jackpots, Rob is certainly not the only one cashing out on Europa Casino’s bonuses. Since they began the promotion, over 250 players throughout South Africa have won life-changing amounts of money from playing the games. It seems that the promotion will, however, be coming to a close soon given that the company has paid out winnings of around R300 million to new members since the promotion began. Other players in Cape Town have also shared in the winnings, just like Rob. You can’t always win that big, but if you don’t play, you don’t stand a chance.

Keep in mind that Europa Casino won’t offer the free credits promotion for much longer, as it’s planned to finish on

This is how you can request your free money

1. Sign up on the Europa Casino South Africa page

2. After making a small desposit, claim your bonus and earn money legally

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