It’s like having a personal trainer at home but whenever and whenever you want.

It is the dream of anyone getting up in the morning, looking in the mirror and that the reflected image is that of someone in their best physical condition. Ideally, this would be possible without having to work hard and for the mirror to do everything for you.

Unfortunately, we have not made much progress yet, but there is already a mirror with which to get in shape. Mirror is called, and in addition to reflecting our image, it is also a computer connected to dozens of classes in real time from a New York studio in addition to routines already programmed of all kinds.


It has a 40 “LCD screen that when switched off works like any normal mirror. It has a 5 megapixel front camera with which the instructor can monitor your activity as if it were by your side and an omnidirectional microphone to communicate.

It is controlled through the mobile phone with its own app although it can only be downloaded on mobile phones with the iOS operating system.

What it offers

At the moment, Mirror has available classes of cardio, yoga, pilates, boxing, resistance and sweeps among others, and every week 50 new videos will be added to the program. Each exercise also has different levels depending on the user’s experience, so you can start from the beginner, medium or expert level.


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