Special Notice: lots of Indians are winning thousands of Rupee and the reason why will amaze you!


By clicking on this article, you just found a wonderful way to change your luck. Guaranteed!

Before explaining what it’s all about, please note it’s very rare that TodayPosts writes about this subject, and you might never see it again. This article could be removed at any moment.

The reason we decided to share this incredible information is simply because it’s too good not to. It might be extremely helpful for many of our readers.

If you’ve read up to here, you’ll be wondering what it’s all about …

What is this article about?

Let us explain.

Did you ever dream of finding a deposit of ₹700K in your bank account?

It would be awesome!

Right now, lots of people in India are actually experiencing it, as they’re winning thousands of Rupee with Europa Casino.

You’ll probably have seen the adverts for Europa Casino already, and honestly, we learned about them through their Facebook ads.

There are many online casinos out there. If you are smart enough, you know that online betting – or any betting – can be risky.

So is this just another advertising trick?

Good question. We’ve heard it all before… actually we totally understand if you closed the window already.

But just wait… this article is not what it seems.

For those who decided to stay and listen to us… you made a very intelligent decision.

Before explaining to you how many people have genuinely changed their lives, we want to make it VERY clear that we don’t normally approve of online betting, but as we know that “Europa Casino” is a reliable company, we feel comfortable passing you the information on this occasion.

This is for YOU, and not for us.

We want to explain exactly how many people are getting thousands of Rupee in India with Europa Casino.

Basically, Europa Casino want to become the biggest online casino in India. You may have guessed already after seeing all their advertising recently. They’re willing to invest millions of Rupee to achieve that status, hoping you will spread the word to your friends and family.

It’s a risky move, but it does makes sense –

What is the first thing you’d do after winning lots of money? You’d tell your friends and family! And naturally they’d want to know ALL the details and probably try it themselves. So from a business perspective, Europa Casino  want to get you talking.

So to help Indian win money and spread the word, Europa Casino is offering an exclusive promo on registration. When you register for the first time, all you have to do is to confirm your age – obviously this is a trustworthy and regulated casino, so you MUST be 18 or older.


According to a survey we ran, around 47% of those who tried this won something straight away, using the 200 free spins credited on registration. A further 53% made small deposits (which Europa Casino doubles automatically) to test different games and find the best payouts. The most fortunate, actually won millions of Rupee!

Everyone in our Canadian office are taking advantage of this surprising opportunity, and we don’t mind admitting it. Sophia Mason, Head of Marketing, didn’t have much luck at the beginning, but after making a few Rupee here and there, she eventually ended up winning ₹350,000 in one hour! She bought cake for everybody in the office that day.

“I’m so happy! I withdrew everything instantly, but I’m saving most of it to travel to the Seychelles next year”.


Keep in mind that EuropaCasino.com will probably end the promotion very soon, as it’s been SO popular. We dread to think how much it’s cost them. The latest press release said it many finish on .

At TodayPosts, we obviously hope they extend the promotion, but realistically it will end soon. We highly recommend you to try it now, before it’s too late.

Take the opportunity, you will not regret it!
Ps, send us your success stories, we love to hear about our readers improving their lives!


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