How He Became a Slots Millionaire For Free

Liam Smith from Toronto is being called the most fortunate man in Canada after winning over $1,000,000 online and recorded by himself. What is even more fascinating is that not only him but more than 450 Canadians this year have cashed out $1 Million dollars or more using the same trick. We recently met up with Liam who shared his story.

With just one spin he won the progressive jackpot of the most popular Online Casino’s “Mega Moolah” game, cashing out on $1,000,009.00 in a few seconds. He won over 20 times his annual salary in a single spin, Liam’s life was changed forever. “I just didn’t believe it at first,” Liam said. “My friends and I were having some fun and decided to try some luck signing up for the 200 free spins from We thought it would be hilarious to record me spinning…in case I won. Suddenly I hit the jackpot, and only after only 14 Spins. It wasn’t until I hit the cash out button and saw over a million dollars next to my name that I knew it was real. We all immediately jumped in the pool.”

Over 450 Canadians Have Cashed Out Over $1 Million Since January 2018 – Here is How:

Competition in the Online Gambling Industry is massive with multiple billion dollar companies facing off against each other to get new players.

This has resulted in online casinos literally throwing money at people to get you through the door. This includes both risk-free money and new player deposit incentives. Some of the top online casinos like will even give you 200 free spins, enough chances to become a millionaire.

Secret #2: Find a High Variance Slot Machine, WIN LARGER JACKPOTS

Slots are really a game of luck. The Variance is the technical term in the gaming world that is used to calculate how risky a game is to play. The lower the variance, the more frequent the wins, the less the win amount.

The high variance slots such as Mega Moolah are the ones that will pay out larger amounts of money, but the wins will happen less frequently. The less time you spend spinning the reels, the lower the house edge so we learned you need to play in short bursts, betting a little more than usual, and you’ll have a better chance of beating the odds.

If you do get a nice win, be prepared to take a break and move on to another game.

Secret #3: Play Progressive Jackpots Online to Make Millions!

Yes, it’s true! When you bet on any of these progressive jackpot slot games, you are playing for a chance to win the jackpot, which is regularly over $1 million (currently over $3.3 million!).

We recommend trying your luck on Mega Moolah by

The largest ever progressive jackpot won online was $15,143,600 on February 2016 by a female player aged 47.

Secret #4: Not All Online Gambling Sites in Canada are Legal

It was only recently that the Canadian government deemed certain forms of online casinos gambling legal and decided to regulate it. As such, not all casino gambling websites have passed the regulation process, which requires demanding tests proving that the site is fair and honest.

For example, is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, operating under their code of conduct to guarantee fair and honest gaming. They have been awarded Safe & Fair certification by independent auditor eCOGRA, which provides assurance for secure and honest gaming practices.

Playing on regulated online casino websites means that the funds you deposit are safe and you’ll be able to cash out quickly!

Secret #5: Don’t Get Greedy! Cash Out Your Winnings

Lastly, perhaps the most important rule of all is “Don’t Be Greedy”.

Online casino success is about winning money – not winning money and then losing it all again. A win is a win, no matter how big or small. Set yourself targets and stick to them.

Let’s say your target is to win $250. Once you reach that amount, cash out your winnings and wait for the casino to offer you another deposit bonus and start again. Know when to quit. Don’t keep playing it all back because of greed!

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