If you are 18 or over and live in Canada, you can’t afford to miss the excitement in this article.

Here’s the deal: Europa Casino is a new gaming app that is giving players a 115% bonus just for registering.

Marketing Manager Peter Branson explained the decision to offer the generous promotion.

“As a top casino brand, we want to mix things up and disrupt the traditional Casino business model. As smartphones become more popular, land-based casinos are becoming outdated. We want to get people playing our games using their smartphones. We created this offer to do just that.”

“It’s a lot like the marketing strategy that Uber introduced where they offer $15 free credit when people install their taxi app”.

If the offer sounds too good to be true, that’s exactly what Cathy Richards from Toronto thought. But, she decided to take advantage of the offer from Europa Casino when she had ten minutes to spare.

 It only took five minutes and 17 seconds for Cathy to win the progressive jackpot on the “MEGA MOOLAH” game.

Cathy cashed out straight away and has said, 

“I still can’t believe it happened. I think it’s a dream. But I’ve closed and opened the app again and I can still see the win. I’ve also been contacted by a representative from Europa Casino so I know it’s definitely for real.

While Cathy was one of the bigger winners to benefit from the Europa giveaway, she wasn’t the only one to benefit from the 115% bonus. Since the promotion began last month, more than 2,500 players have hit the jackpot in CANADA.

However, the promotion may be ending soon because Europa have almost reached the limit of their marketing budget for the entire year.

It’s only been in recent times that the Canadian Government has regulated certain forms of gambling. Not all gambling websites have passed the regulation process which is stringent and requires a casino to be fair and honest.

Europa Casino is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council. It operates under the council’s code of conduct which guarantees fair and honest gaming. The casino has been awarded Safe & Fair certification by independent auditor eCOGRA. This means that its gaming practices have been guaranteed as secure and honest.

This is vital for players because it guarantees the safety of find and means that withdrawals are processed quickly.

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