Winnipeg, Manitoba: Family disputes are very common but Lisa Harris is now in the middle of almost $20 million quarrel with her brother and the reason seems to be very controversial for many people.

It all started after Robin, Lisa’s brother, won the huge jackpot playing with Europacasino.

Lisa is a graphic designer working from her home in Winnipeg where she lives with her brother and her mother.
Her brother Robin is unemployed but he manages to do some sporadic work from time to time which is mainly paid in cash.

A few months ago Robin came back from work exhausted so he relaxed a bit sitting on his couch and scrolling through his news feed. There he came across an advert for Europacasino. Tired as he was, he scrolled past but went back quickly to read the advert again. It was then that he saw the promotion they were offering $2400 upon a deposit of only $10. It was too good a deal to pass up, besides he was risking only $10.

Robin decided to sign up but soon realized that he forgot to charge his prepaid card so he asked his sister to borrow her credit card.
Lisa didn’t hesitate and lent him the credit card.

What happened next changed Robin and his family life. A few minutes later, Robin started to scream: “I won, I won”. The mega jackpot of $17.8 Million was in his hands. He was so happy he started to hug his mother and sister and he started to dream about all the things he would buy with this money. But his sister stopped him and said:

“What do you mean you won? I won, It’s my money not yours!”

You can imagine the face of Lisa’s brother when his sister started to doubt his ownership of the money.

Since then, the family’s harmony is obviously not the same.

Robin believes that the money he won belongs to him and he is more than happy to give back his sister the $10 he received as a loan, even with interest if she likes, says the brother.

Lisa on her part thinks that she gave the money as a partnership or investment, not as a loan therefore she is the owner of the $17.8 Million or at least she should get a part of it.
“I even suggested him to split 50-50 between us, after all we are siblings, but he wants all the money for himself now as I’m not anymore his family”

The family involved a mediator before it turned into a legal matter.

We will update hoping that peace and justice will be made, in the meantime we are curious to know:

Who do you think it’s the owner of the $17.8 Million, Robin or Lisa?
Write us on the comments

UPDATE: Due to the legal issues derived by this quarrel, Europacasino decided to remove the special offer of $2400 upon a 10$ deposit.
However the new customer agreement will be changed on,
Europa Casino after this date the agreement will become active and this offer will be no longer available.
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