Ever wondered if those people who won the lottery jackpot went broke? Blew all their money on expensive things? 

Many people think winning the jackpot would be the answer to their prayers and the solution to all of their problems — but some winners have had the opposite experience. Despite being lucky enough to win big, they later wished they’d torn up their ticket rather than redeeming it.

Take Tim, who won $14 million 2 years ago while playing the  Book Of Ra online slot machine. He’s since spent most of it. 

“Saying no to people is one of the most important lessons I had to learn. If I gave everyone what they wanted I would have been broke a long time ago”.

Another proof of the untold dark side effects of winning the jackpot is Jack. 

Last year Jack won the Buffalo Blitz jackpot of $6 million. Even though he won less than Tim, he now has a constant supply of cash. Instead of taking all the money at once, he decided to split his winnings in 50 payments of $120,000 every year. When he won, Jack quit his job as a nurse immediately and started a life of unlimited vacation. 

Every afternoon, even when he isn’t there, his yard becomes a kind of Spring Break destination. Jack hosts parties with an open bar for all women even though none of them are his girlfriend. 

Did he know all these people before he won the jackpot? 

His parents aren’t happy with Jack’s lifestyle. 

I wouldn’t mind if he got a job now, even a part time job doing something”, says his mother. 

We always need to be aware of all Jack’s expenses because if he keeps spending he will just find himself loaded with debt and then even all his jackpot won’t cover it”. 

Everyone wishes to win but not everybody is ready for it. Nobody prepares you for the moment it happens and when it does you need to know how to deal with it otherwise you can end up losing it all. 

Smart jackpot winners

David and Erica won $62 million while playing Age of Gods, becoming the richest in their county in a matter of seconds. Still, the new millionaires didn’t change their lifestyle. They are determined not to let their newfound wealth cut them off from reality. The new millionaire couple smartly invested 80% of their winnings while enjoying the remaining $12 million.   

Are they still playing Age of Gods even after they won? 

Actually, we play even more than we used to before!” David tells us, however the couple always play within their limits.

We have a monthly budget allocated for playing slots and we are very strict with it.” 

Most of the people are prepared to lose while gambling but almost nobody is prepared to win. 

Do you think you are smart enough to handle winning the jackpot?

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