• Roy Gibney, a metal worker, scooped the £7.4m jackpot in the casino in 1998
• Now he is selling the mansion he bought with prize for just £375k for awesome £1.125m
• The Brambles comes with an indoor swimming pool that has Mr Gibney’s name and winning numbers on it
• It also has a 17-acre garden with a fishing lake, timber lodge, two storey garage and all-weather tennis court

If you’re eager for an extra lottery luck, perhaps moving into the home of a luckier person as the former winner, might make some better fortune on you – and now you can do just that.

Roy Gibney, 63, has put the property he bought with his £7.4million jackpot back in 1998 for sale with a massive price of £1.125million.

The six-bedroom house in Barnoldby-le-Beck near Grimsby was originally bought for just £375,000 but since then it has been upgraded including the addition of an indoor swimming pool with the winning numbers on the bottom.

Beside the pool with its own changing rooms, there is a steam room and a jacuzzi, as well a huge glasshouse for relaxing.

Grimsby-born Roy Gibney, 63, is selling the six-bedroom property that he bought with his £7.4m winnings in 1998 for just £375,000



The Brambles comes with an indoor swimming pool that has Mr Gibney’s name, the amount he won, his winning numbers, and the date he won (Pictured: Mr Givney with his then-girlfriend Meaka Edwards)

They did major upgrades to the property since then, including a games room with a movie projector and pool table, and is now worth £1.125million

Next to the indoor swimming room there is a large conservatory for relaxing in after working out at the pool or lounging in the steam room and jacuzzi

The kitchen has a breakfast bar and a wood-burning stove, and the master bedroom has a balcony overlooking the garden.

The property has luxury fittings including a wood-burning stove and a breakfast bar for dining on in the kitchen area

Within the garden is a double storey garage block with an office above and an all-weather tennis court.
If you think it’s not attractive enough with all these fittings, perhaps the 17-acre garden that features a fishing lake and a timber lodge may tempt you.

The 17acre garden with a massive fishing lake and an all-weather tennis court in the grounds

The master bedroom has a triangular balcony with views to the garden

With no surprise, there is four bathrooms in the house and two of the bedrooms have en suites.

Roy gave up his job as a metal worker just after winning the casino jackpot

Mr Gibney has been very happy during these 14 years, being impatient and set up his own business with a friend (Pictured: Roy Gibney (left) and Robert Gale of Altringham celebrating after they both won £7.5m)

When the father-of-three cashed in his winnings he immediately presented his job resignation and moved into the property business. Now selling off as well as several other houses in the Grimsby area.
Thanks to his new fortune, he had been getting experience for 14 solid years, so he decided to establish himself his own business.

For those who don’t enjoy swimming, there is a very modern gym with a number of machines so you may get fit and healthy

Before he won the Casino jackpot, he had been living in the two-bedroom house for 10 years and was working as a sheet metal worker. Now, due to his good luck, Mr Gibney lives a life of luxury.

When eating meals at this dinner table, diners are treated with incredible views of the garden and lake just outside the window

The massive swimming pool with a Jacuzzi, steam rooms and changing rooms. Next to it, there is a glasshouse for relaxing

There are four bathrooms in the whole property and two of the bedrooms are en suite, including this bathroom with a huge bathtub

He told the Mirror: ‘When I won I enjoyed all the luxuries you would expect of a lottery winner – even featuring my winning lottery numbers on the bottom of my 50’ swimming pool which I built at my Grimsby home.
‘Nowadays I don’t indulge myself quite as much as I used to but still enjoy the carefree life winning has given me. I spilt my time between my villa in Cyprus and Britain.
‘I also feel it was important to give back and have supported many charities – whether its running charity fishing days or dressing up as Father Christmas for the local hospital.’


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