If you are 21 or over and live in New Jersey, you can’t afford to miss the excitement in this article.

COVID 19 has already had a profound effect on the betting companies, professional sports have been postponed, land casinos are closed, and social distancing has shut home games down.

Land casinos all over the world have experienced a significant drop in revenue due to social distancing and travel bans. Casino resorts in Atlantic City are experiencing considerable declines in visitors, and they are set to drop further as Coronavirus continues to spread. 

As the fear of the virus continues to grow, more gamblers are embracing the idea of staying at home. That may be bad news for casino resorts; however-good news for online casinos and betting sites which are offering crazy bonuses to lure new clients to their sites.

One site in particular, 888, is giving FREE $20 to its players just for registering.

Marketing Manager Peter Branson explained the decision to offer the generous promotion.

“As a top casino brand, we want to mix things up and disrupt the traditional Casino business model. As smartphones become more popular, land-based casinos are becoming outdated. We want to get people playing our games using their smartphones. We created this offer to do just that.”

“It’s a lot like the marketing strategy that Uber introduced where they offer $20 free credit when people install their taxi app”.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what Liam Cooper from Paterson thought. But with 10 minutes of free time and nothing to lose, he took 888 up on the offer and registered on the site application.

5 minutes and 17 spins later, Amit won the progressive jackpot on 888 “Black Panther” game, cashing out in a matter of seconds.

“I still can’t believe it. I think I’m dreaming! I thought that it was a glitch. But after closing and opening the app again it was still there. Shortly after a representative from 888 contacted me and then I knew for sure that it was real.

And while Amit was one of the bigger winners of the giveaway, he certainly isn’t the only one to win big on the 888 $20 promo. Since the promotion began last month, over 2500 players in New Jersey have also hit the jackpot. However, it appears the giveaway will soon be ending as the company has warned they have already spent their entire years marketing budget on the offer.

Here is how Americans from New Jersey are claiming their free money:

  1. They sign up on the 888 page
  2. They get $20 free to start playing.

Click here to check if this offer is still available in New Jersey


As of , new customer agreement will become active and 888 FREE $20 can no longer be used.


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