Lad Quits Job In Family Chip Shop To Become Full Time Poker Player

How many of us can truly say we go on to live our dream? The thing we’ve fantasised about doing since we were at school?

One man who’s doing just that is 23-year-old Jersey City-born Lukas Robinson. Who made his online fortune at 888. Looking at his school yearbook photo, 11-year-old Lukas wrote that he dreamed of being a top poker player, and that in 10 years time he would be in ‘Viva Las Vegas’ for his 21st birthday playing poker.

                                                    Lukas’ Yearbook

Flash forward 12 years and Lukas has just won his largest ever jackpot as a professional poker player at 888.

Lukas recently went viral in the online poker community after breaking down in tears live on his Twitch channel following a career best win of $13,700. On the stream, 

Lukas took the leap to become a full-time poker player using the $20 Free bonus 888 is giving for new players. Soon after he started winning and streaming it online, and not long after that he quit his job in his family’s fish and chip shop.

When he turned 18, his dad and uncle took him to his first live tournament, and he was ‘hooked’. He has always wanted to play poker for a living but thought it would be too difficult to make it as a professional.

When he first started streaming poker last year, Lukas was doing it alongside his full time job at the chippy, working 8 hours days and then streaming tournaments from 888 starting at 6pm until late at night – sometimes until 4am if he was doing well in a tournament. He’d then have to be in work by 9am the next day.

He said: “I remember winning my first ever online poker tournament on 888 for $750 but it made me late for one of my shifts in the chippy. I remember being so happy that I had finally won one, but I had to rush straight into work and no one really understood how much it meant to me.

                             Lukas Working At His Parent’s Fish & Chip Shop


“I needed a way out of my job and so I started planning a way to do poker streaming full time. I found  888 have tournaments and cash games 24/7 so the possibilities were endless.”

At the end of 2020, Lukas quit his job and with the hopes of becoming a professional poker player. He is currently planning to play 1000 hours of poker in 100 days on 888.

 (10 hours of poker a day).

Looking ahead to the future, Lukas just wants to keep growing and improving. He has started working with top poker coach BBZ and dreams of becoming the biggest player in the U.S (and maybe even the world).

“I am just a normal lad from Jersey City, that is chasing his dream to become a professional poker player. I am not special. I just worked as hard as I could and look at me now. It is possible for anyone to achieve their dreams.”

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