How many times have you dreamt about a holiday after these seemingly never-ending periods of lockdowns and restrictions?


Finally some destinations are now open for travel, but all the box-checking and extra hassle means that far from a relaxing vacation it quickly turns into a stressful nightmare. Is Quarantine required? Do you need to take a test before flying? Which forms do you need to fill? Will you be able to get back home without extra restrictions? Even reading this is stressful! Thankfully has a solution that will let you travel stress-free. 


The website was built specifically for Mexicans who want to travel abroad to attend big events. Sports games, concerts, Disneyworld and more offering a VIP travel agency service while paying lower prices. During the pandemic reinvented themselves by helping people find the best vacation deals with ease through the use of increased customer interaction and innovative technology. “We created Mexticket to simplify the planning process when travelling to attend an event.” Tell us Carlos, CEO of the company.


“We find the best deals for your favourite events, offering 24/7 support with the best flight, hotel and activity options. With all the new restrictions, people prefer to travel with us because they feel more secure buying all the services in one place”. Maria Gonzalez had a very bad previous experience booking with another company, which led her to book only with Mexticket from now on.


“I was traveling alone with my two children to Disneyland Paris where I was meant to meet my sister, who lives there with her family. I had so many problems that I Immediately regretted doing it on my own. I had to fill out an online questionnaire but I had no internet connection and the wifi at the airport didn’t work for me. I missed my flight just because of that.


“Thankfully I saw an ad by and from then on I was treated like a queen. They helped me with all the necessary documents and I paid even less than my previous ticket.”


Maria is not the only one, thousands of Mexicans are now choosing to travel only with Mexticket. Rodrigo Goytortua is a 65 year old from Jalisco. He wanted to go for a trip to Las Vegas with his wife Rosa to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Their son helped them with booking the trip as they still don’t feel comfortable with completing transactions online. “Do you know how many times we were asked; Have you filled out this form? Have you done this? Have you done that?“ Rodrigo told us when we spoke with him about his trip. “Everything now is through the internet, but what about us, the old people who don’t know how to properly use the internet, especially on our phones? We are lucky we booked with Mexticket as they helped us with everything and all our bookings were in one place”

Mexticket aims to be the leader of the travel industry but what is their answer when we ask, what about 

We are not reinventing the wheel, we are just offering a better service for people who want to travel to attend events. You cannot just be the middleman and leave the client alone by himself. That’s why we stand out helping our clients with everything they need to enjoy their vacation, from the initial idea to the holiday itself.





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