These are the most extravagant “VIP” services of luxury airlines

Singapore Airlines

A first class flight on this airline surpasses the experience offered by many luxury hotels. In 2008 they inaugurated their Suite Class service, the most exclusive on board, satisfying the desires of the most gourmets.

The suites have a double bed, a leather sofa, large wardrobes and drawers and a private bathroom with two sinks and a vanity with Lalique products. If the travelers would like another cosmetic line they will also have kits available of cosmetics with lip balm, facial moisturizer, after-shave balm by Givenchy.

One of the aspects most taken care of by the airline is the privacy, that’s why it isolates the departments with sliding doors. Jean-Jacques Coste, a prestigious French luxury designer specialized in luxury yachts, was delighted to outline the details of each one of the six suites of aircraft. His was the decision to line all the furniture of first quality leather sewn by hand of Poltrona Frau, a master Italian craftsman of international renown.

The letter of your International Culinary Panel is up to the rest of its services, during the flight you can taste delicacies such as laksa shrimp and lobster. The food will be served in Lalique dishes. The price of this high-flying experience is 23,000 dollars.

Qatar Airways

Privacy is guaranteed with a particular system with which the seat space is converted into a private suite. On the sides of the ship the individual cabins will be housed, while the center will give space to the doubles, whose seats will become double beds.

Smart TV, Q Suite. In these luxurious suites fit mobile TV monitors with more than 4,000 entertainment options, a double bed with gray silk sheets and embroidered with gold thread and the airline staff serves you without leaving the cabin from gastronomic delights to delicious cocktails .

The price of this air luxury ranges between 9,000 and 11,000 dollars

Emirates Airlines

The airline has investigated in its 4 th year of trajectory on how to satisfy its most demanding travelers.

The first class suites with total privacy are the essential requirement to compete with their direct competition

The Emirates lounge includes two or four apartments per row depending on the aircraft and the distance of the flight. The seats in this room are leather and are gold plated, have lights and a small table lamp to make the most of the enjoyment of reading.

Furniture of gold. However, the most premium option includes making personalized dishes at the whim of the diner. No first class passenger wants to eat the same as the one who sits next to him.

The passenger will fancy a shower before landing, and that is one of the most delicate services. The airline opens its personal toilet cabin, has a shower for every seven people from which you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the Dubai skyline and adjustable heating.

When they enter the restroom, passengers will find a cosmetic bag from various different luxury brands and a hair dryer to go to the last strand.

Virgin Atlantic

This company is revolutionizing the luxury sector. They offer single and double beds, steam showers and aromatherapy spa treatments.

The gastronomic experience is unparalleled: they have their own “brasserie” and in their exclusive lounge they will serve cocktails to the passengers both before and after dinner.

Cocktail. At their dressing table, customers can find luxury cosmetics to make them feel the same or better than in their own home. Among their most exclusive services are a butler and a driver of their own who will take them to the airport in a huge limousine .


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