Television has been a part of our lives since its appearance; with the push of a button you have a world of entertainment at your disposal and best of all, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your sofa. Television is an excellent way both to entertain you and to disconnect you from routine; however, since the appearance of Youtube television and cinema stopped monopolizing the audience and consumption habits began to change, tending to be more personalized.

Then, with the appearance of streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, the idea of a massive audience stuck every day at the same time to watch a program became a thing of the past.

Netflix, is currently the world’s largest streaming platform with more than 139 million subscribers . The company was born in 1997 as a DVD rental company, but quickly adapted its business model, focusing on the user experience, so that since 2007 is dedicated to streaming video , i.e, broadcasts content over the Internet, usually on demand.

The streaming revolution

The success of Netflix is mainly based on the implementation of a new way of consuming series and films: much faster and more dynamic. The releasing of the series of the platform is another of the key points of its success, as it releases all the content at once and the user can enjoy all the chapters in a row, without the need to wait, as is the case with traditional television. This strategy premiered with the series “House of Cards”, which generated a revolution making the number of subscribers skyrocket and creating new phenomena such as video marathons or “bingewatching”.

Another advantage of Netflix is that it is compatible with practically all electronic devices: game consoles, transmission boxes, smart televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones; in fact, most modern remote controls have a direct key for Netflix.

We must also have it in mind that it is compatible with the interactivity and multitasking of today’s young people; ten years ago people could watch a running movie without losing concentration or being distracted by what was going on around them; nowadays people can be watching a very interesting movie, but at the same time they can check their messages on the smartphone; in this sense Netflix is perfect because young people, who check their cell phones every five minutes, can use the pause button and go back as many times as they want.

In addition, the platform has taken a major step forward by becoming a content producer, creating its own series, films and documentaries for all tastes.

One of the most interesting aspects offered by this streaming platform is to configure a richer user experience by analyzing the content viewed by subscribers, so that they can predict their tastes and offer more suitable videos for each one.

Although many claim that streaming platforms are the end of television as we know it, the reality is that television is simply changing; at the moment television tends to preserve certain roles such as broadcasting news in real time. True or not, maybe there is a long way to go to discover it, in the meantime prepare your popcorn and choose your favorite series or film on Netflix!


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