let’s face it – this shit is inevitable. So let’s just do this, all at once, like a Band-Aid. Here we go.

#1. Decisions WILL Be Made for You…

“You will have to make very practical (sometimes very cold) decisions about what you want from life and what you’re willing to give up. And if you don’t make them then life will make them for you.”

#2. You’re Gonna Die

“I think it’s in your twenties when you finally learn that life is finite. As a kid life is just this thing that goes on forever. Consequences don’t matter as much because of the future in unfathomably far away. It’s a good time for making bad decisions but as you progress through your twenties you start realizing that the future is coming up fast and how it looks actually does depend on what you do now.”

#3. Relationships Take Work

“You learn that relationships aren’t like in the movies, that they take work and thought and that everyone is flawed and damaged and that they’ll probably kick you in the gut at least a dozen or so times.”

#4. Money Will Cut You

“Don’t spend more money just because you are starting to earn more. Lifestyle inflation creeping in is a bitch.”

#5.  Loss Is Inevitable

“People you love are going to die. i don’t want anyone to learn this lesson, ever, but it provides some pretty serious perspective when it inevitably happens.”

#6. You Do You, Boo

“Do stuff that makes you happy instead of doing stuff that makes you look cool.”

#7. “Go to the fucking dentist.”

“Go to the fucking dentist. You can’t wait for mommy to make an appointment for you and hold your hand the whole way… get your ass in there before it’s too late. Teeth don’t heal and once you’ve fucked them up, you’ve fucked them up. Oh and it doesn’t take much at all to screw them up. I wish my 20 year old self realized that.”

#8. People Grow in Opposite Directions

“You learn that the friendships you took for granted as a kid actually fall away pretty quickly if you neglect them and that even if you don’t, time has a habit of changing people and your best friend from school is different since he got married or that guy you did a bunch of blow with at university never really got the hang of stopping that and isn’t as much fun anymore.”

#9. Failure Is a Decision to Quit

“Sometimes your best isn’t good enough. Sometimes you put everything you’ve got into something and still don’t get what you wanted…and that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Find a new goal, keep striving.”

#10. You Write Your Own Story

“There is nowhere you “should be by now.” All life paths are different and equally valid.”



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