With the abundance of MagicRed and slot machine advertisements in the UK, players are now questioning the motives behind them, and with good reason. They are curious if it is actually possible to win real money by playing these games.

Yes. There are several Officially Regulated Pages, which guarantees that they work according to the most stringent regulations and are fair to the user. This offers you the best odds of winning chances.

Therefore, before playing, make sure you learn these 5 Tips:

Tip 1: Find A Page That Offers A Great Welcome Bonus – Play Low-Risk

When you look for where to play Online Slots, always choose a page, such as MagicRed, that offers a Welcome Bonus of £25+25 spins just by signing up, which allows you to play games freely and then use your credit without risk. These spins are credited directly to your account, allowing you to try the games without having to spend anything out of pocket.

Tip 2: Find Slots with High Pay Rates – Increase Your Odds of Winning

Search for Online Slots with a payout rate of between 90% and 97%, sometimes referred to as “player return percentage”. The casino pages hide this statistic in the description of the games, so do your homework before you start playing. Never play a slot with less than a 90% payout rate.

Tip 3: Play in A High Variable Slot Machine

High variance machines such as Starburst and Fruity Friends are the slots that will disburse larger amounts of money, although triumphs occur less often. The less time you spend spinning the reels, the smaller the advantage of the house, so we recommend playing in short bursts to be more likely to take a good jackpot.

Tip 4: Find A Progressive Jackpot – Play to Win The Fat Prize

Find a Progressive Jackpot slot. When you make a maximum bet on one of these slots, you play the opportunity to win Jackpots that usually exceed 1 Million Dollars.

Tip 5: Take Advantage of a Welcome Bonus – Multiply Your First Deposit.

You get a first deposit bonus when the MagicRed rewards you for depositing money on your page and automatically multiplies the amount of your deposit.

We have contacted MagicRed and have closed a Welcome Bonus of £25+25 Spins for our readers. This means that, if you deposit only $10, you will get the not inconsiderable amount of £25 bonus AND 25 Spins to get you going – which gives you a balance to play your favourite games; perfect to start playing for real *

These five tips can help you win great prizes at MagicRed. Register below to take advantage of this exclusive offer.


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