Some of these proposals are timeless icons, but they all take off this season, so pay attention because for Hollywood actor this fall / winter, you.

1. James Dean

Can James Dean’s bomber in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ be one of the most iconic jackets in film history? Can be. That’s why your bomber is always a good closet resource when it’s not cold enough to wear a thicker coat.

Price: $ 968

2. Tom Hardy

‘The dark knight: the legend is reborn’ is one of the 30 highest grossing films in the history of cinema. It is not surprising that, apart from the work that was marked Christopher Nolan, many other aspects will be recorded in our memory, like the sheep jacket that Tom Hardy wore and we can wear this winter.

Price: $ 956

3. Christian Bale

The deranged, lascivious and sinister mind of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) in ‘American Psycho’ left us all touched. Equal or more than his lookazos. The film takes place in the New York of the eighties, a scenario that is once again a trend. Of all the styles, we are left with Bateman’s XXL Cloth Coat, perfect to wear today to the office.

Price: $ 968

4. Eddie Redmayne

Not everyone gave their approval to the -considered- prequel to the Harry Potter saga (some called it slow), but what is certain is that the aesthetics of the magical universe did not leave any spectator indifferent, because we could enjoy the same magic and stay with tips of the English style of the 20s, such as the cloth coat and wide lapel Eddie Redmayne.

Stella McCartney
Price: $ 1,033

5. Marlon Brando

In the matter of leather jackets, various debates are generated about which one is the best. John Travolta in ‘Grease’ is an icon, but Marlon Brando in ‘Wild’ gives an air of leadership that you can wear, even with more reason and more effort, if you have a motorcycle.

Price: $ 831

6. Phil Daniels

Another proposal of green hunting, which is one of the big investments this fall, is the parka. In the movie ‘Quadrophenia’, based on the album of the group The Who, we obsessed with that of the protagonist Phil Daniels.

Price: $ 603

7. Humphrey Bogart

The most famous raincoat in the cinema and the best investment you’ll ever make because it’s timeless. This season is worn as Bogart wore it in the mythical film: cut to the shin, fluid and tied by the belt. “I feel that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Price: $ 1,693

8. Tom Cruise

The pilot Maverick Mitchell (played by Tom Cruise) unconsciously encouraged us to consider the padded bomber jacket with the neck of hair as the best investment, back in the mid 80’s. Cut to the waist, this season you can combine it with your casual looks in your leisure plans. If you wear aviator’s glasses, you will be guilty of redundancy, but it does not matter.

Saint Laurent
Price: $ 3,231

9. Ryan O’Neal

With that face of not having broken a single plate, Ryan O’Neal turned the sheepskin coat into a basic wardrobe in the 70s. And in the 80s, in the 90s and so on until today.

Price: $ 3,642

10. Robert Redford

Joseph Turner (Condor in code name, played by Robert Redford) investigated why they had killed his colleagues in ‘The Three Days of the Condor’, all with an enigmatic air that gave him his legendary double-breasted cloth coat, with the collars up. An image to replicate when you forget your scarf at home on a windy day.

Price: $ 626

 11. Keanu Reeves

The Matrix saga is one of the major references of cinema when we want to remember how we figured the future, apart from technological, stylistically speaking. The black, the leather and the vinyl were the whims of the directors of the trilogy, and Neo’s coat turns out to be one of the proposals for this winter.

Rick Owens
Price: $ 1,956


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