• A Millennial start-up app makes you win to kill all casinos out there
  • A crazy welcome bonus of R24,000 is given free to play
  • They have already given R3000 Million in jackpot prizes

The millennial Richard Smith, a multimillionaire investor, has made a crazy step and has launched an app making thousands of players to win thousands of Euros.

Who on earth would imaging any business giving away so much money. But if you think a bit, you can see lots of them around. Uber is losing millions just to have a better price and kill their competitors. Advertising companies are giving millions to users just for watching their adds. Like all these cases, Europa Casino is the new app that is giving a welcome bonus of R24,000 to play free and already given more than R3000 Million in prizes.

Andy, a resident of Johannesburg, is one of many people who decided to compare the winnings of Casinos slots and smartphone games. We spotted him playing both at the same time and seemed much more interested in his mobile phone.

“There is a huge difference. I got more prices on this app than on the casino”, said Andy. After one day at the Casino in Johannesburg, he won R190,545 on his smartphone compared to R15,370 at the Casino.

Is Europa Casino is giving away so much money legally?

The marketing of the casino is willing to close all casinos giving away a welcome bonus of R24,000 for free to play legally.

After using his free ZA Rands and welcome bonus, Andy returned home promising not to waste his time going to casinos but he will just play to Europa Casino app until he gets all the easy prizes meanwhile seating in his sofa having a cool beer.

If you decided to fill your bank account with these prizes, you can do the same as Andy.

Here is how South African people are claiming their free money:

1. They sign up on the Europa Casino South Africa page

2. They will make a small deposit of at least 130 ZAR and then use the free credits they receive to win money without a risk of losing and completely legally

Click here to check if this offer is still available in South Africa


As of , the free bonus loophole at Europa Casino is still available


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