• Jasmine Zheng, 21, was the girlfriend of Jaden Zheng, 26 years old.
  • The couple played in a casino and won a Jackpot of R 7,3 Million ($ 500,000)
  • Jasmine states that they had agreed to divide the money they earned
  • But Jaden supposedly abandoned her and refused to share the profits
  • Jasmine is now suing her, claiming she is obligated to pay the taxes owed on the profits

What is more important in love or money?

For these two young Chinese-American lovers who won an accumulated prize of R 7,3 Million ($ 500,000) in the online Casino, the money caused them great joy but ended in a big surprise for her.

The woman in New York sued her boyfriend and her family to the federal court, claiming that they agreed that they would share the winnings of the game when they bet. After the boyfriend took the money home, he changed his mind and wanted to keep the huge sum.

According to the federal court records in the Southern District of New York, Jasmine Zheng, 21, and Jaden Zheng, 26, were originally lovers, and often played online casinos seeking to improve their fortunes. In early February 2018, Jaden and Jasmine played the slots of a famous online casino and won around R7,3 Million.

Both had contributed with their money to play with the idea of ​​dividing profits equally. Once they won R7,3 Million ($ 500,000) and cashed the prize, they put it in a backpack and took it to the Jaden’s house in New Jersey.

After winning the money, they show a lot of cash in social networks. (Federal Court of the Southern District of New York)

Unexpectedly, Jaden began to change his mind, after having so much money in his possession and decided to break up with Jasmine, he deposited the money into his New Jersey family’s bank account. Jasmine said that when they both played, they used Jasmine’s game account, which means that when they finally won the prize, Jasmine would have to pay the corresponding taxes.

They uploaded their photos on social media showing how happy they were with those piles of $100 notes. In one of the pictures, Jaden wrote on his Facebook: “I finally did it! With 26 years of age I won R 7,3 Million!” According to the “New York Post”.

Zheng Jaden wrote on his Facebook: “I finally did it! I have $ 500,000 at the age of 26!” (Federal Court of the Southern District of New York)

“He was, like, talking to other girls, flirting with other girls and I could not handle that, and he said,” If you can not handle that, then we just broke up, and found another girlfriend immediately”. she said. Jasmine says she was disconsolate that the relationship ended so quickly.

In Todayposts, we managed to discover through the social media in which online Casino they won their prize of R 7,3 Million.

“Only good things have happened to me since then,” Jaden said, “and that’s why I share it with others, so they can also change their luck.”

These are the steps that Jaden indicated to us to play for free:

  1. He registered to the page by clicking on the link: Europa Casino

2. After entering as a new user, he received his R24,000 Free to earn money legally.

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