• Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 27, has shared his tips on how to date online
  • The model was named the most right-swiped on Tinder at the beginning of 2017
  • Now he’s become something of a guru for singletons still looking for love
  • Told FEMAIL that a ‘short snappy bio’ is key to attracting matches on the app

He met his glamorous girlfriend on Tinder after being named the most ‘right-swiped’ man the dating app, so Stefan Pierre-Tomlin certainly knows a thing or two about how to find ‘the one’ online.

The 27-year-old model from London, recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with girlfriend and ‘soul mate’ Gemma Fowler, 25, from Dublin, after meeting her on the dating app on Valentine’s Day last year.

The dating guru, who offers his expert tips to his family and friends, told FEMAIL the best key to writing the perfect dating app profile is to come up with a catchy bio and add an extra layer of security by linking it to Instagram.

For Stefan, who sees wedding bells in the near future for him and Gemma, he reckons finding a match online is better than meeting someone in real life.

Stefan says that as well as working out together they also like to try out new activities and go on trips away
Stefan says that as well as working out together they also like to try out new activities and go on trips away
At the beginning of 2017 Stefan was named the 'most right-swiped' man on Tinder but went on to delete the app when he met 'the one'
At the beginning of 2017 Stefan was named the ‘most right-swiped’ man on Tinder but went on to delete the app when he met ‘the one’

‘I believe it’s the future. Having everyone in one place makes it so much easier to pick your match,’ Stefan said.

The model reckons that the best way to woo ‘the one’ on an online app is to make sure you have a catchy bio – but ‘not an essay’.

‘Mine was “No likey, no righty”, show a bit of personality to allow people to find out more,’ he said.


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When it comes to the awkward task of meeting a match in real life, Stefan said that you should be clear about what you want as soon as possible.

‘When you speak with someone that interests you, it’s very important to know what you want from that person so you should be transparent from the beginning.’

He added: ‘Once your chat is going strong always leave the sentence open. Almost force the other person to speak more and ask the relevant questions.

‘I was a quick mover I would never drag a conversation on for weeks a couple days of chat and then I would want to meet. You should be excited to meet that person so why wait?’

Marriage is on the cards for the couple as Stefan said he felt like Gemma was his ‘soul mate’

Stefan said users should also take advantage of features on online dating apps that link your profile to Instagram as an extra layer of security, and so that potential love matches can look into who you are.

Although the presenter is loved-up with Gemma he said that if he were single again he would return to online dating.

‘Meeting someone in a club often leads to a one night stand no chemistry and most importantly nothing in common.

‘Where as, meeting someone with the same interests increases the chance of having chemistry and staying long term with that person.’

Stefan and Gemma now live together in London and are planning to jet off to Australia and the Maldives later this year

Stefan’s secret to his relationship success is by keeping their life far from boring by going to the gym together, trying out new activities and going on surprise trips away together. And he believes there is a real future for him and his glamorous girlfriend.

‘I strongly believe there will be marriage on the cards,’ he revealed.

‘As the days go on Gemma has become even closer to me and I would love a future with my best friend.’

The model, who is the face of 11 Degrees menswear, also lives with his girlfriend in London, had been single for two years before meeting Gemma, and promptly deleted his Tinder profile two months after they began dating.

‘I was a very happy man enjoying single life however I’ve always wanted to be settled and I found my soul mate and best friend via Tinder,’ he said.


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The couple kept their anniversary celebrations low-key this year with a home-cooked meal and wine, but Stefan said he’s got a surprise in store for his girlfriend.

‘I have a big secret trip away as part of Valentine’s Day the end of March. I always make sure there is something to look forward to.’

Dublin-born Gemma has already been whisked away by Stefan to Marbella, Paris and a visit to her home city, with plans to travel further afield to Australia and the Maldives this year.



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