Some restrictions on public gatherings in Iceland were eased today, and the new rules will be in effect through February 16, reports.

The maximum number of people allowed to gather has been increased from 10 to 20, fitness centers will be allowed to reopen for group sessions of up to 20 people, and sports activities will be permitted for both children and adults, subject to certain restrictions. Sports competitions will be permitted, but without spectators.

At stage events, up to 50 persons may be on stage, with up to 100 adults and 100 children (born in 2005 or later) in the audience; the same figures will apply to other cultural events. People in the audience must seated in numbered seats with their names recorded, and adults must wear facemasks.

Up to 100 people may be in attendance at funerals, whereas only 20 people may attend funeral receptions.

Ski areas are allowed to open, but on chair lifts, measure shall be taken to ensure that guests who are on their own do not have to share chairs with others. Social distancing of two meters shall be maintained.

Pubs, night clubs and arcades will remain closed.

As before, restaurants may only receive guests until 9 pm and must close by 10 pm. The maximum number of guests is 20.


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