Charan Ram Singh from Kota has caused a fuss in India in the past month.

He has given away FREE money.

Now the secret is revealed.

What has Charan Ram Singh done?

We managed to catch up with one man from Kota. Devan Sharma earnt, Rs 40,074,487 in a matter of 5 minutes.

Devan was a non believer of gurus, but his life has now changed forever.

He said, Charan Ram Singh had been meeting with founders of an online casino that wanted Charanji to bless the casino.

But instead of blessing the casino, he helped the locals, “for the benefit of our country’s people” .

For 2 weeks Charan Ram Singh performed black magic on the casino.

He did this so that anyone in india that plays at the online casino, will ALWAYS win

He may have hired hackers or he may have genuinely performed black magic, whatever it is. ITS WORKING.

As a result, people in India have been quietly winning crores after Charan Ram Singh did 2 weeks of black magic on the casino.

What happened For Devan Sharma And Others Has Changed Their life forever!

Devan Sharma won Rs 40,074,487 in a matter of 5 minutes.

Recently, Devan had been suffering from serious health issues. He was growing desperate to pay the hospital bills.

“Charan Ram Singh had told me to play with just Rs 1450 and his jadu would help me.”

The guru said, if you deposit RS 1450, you get RS 1450 FREE – so you play with FREE Money.

“I thought he was just scamming like other gurus, but I deposited and won 40,074,487 in 5 minutes!”

We tested it ourselves: IT WORKS

Our reporter, Amit Patel, wanted to test whether this is a scam;

“I don’t really believe in jadu or gurus, so I thought I’d try with less money as a test.”

“I had nothing to lose – Leovegas give you RS 1450 Free if you deposit RS 1450, so I played with free money.”

“If I lost, I could still withdraw my original deposit”

“But I didn’t lose…I won 150k!!!”

“Whatever Charanji has done, it is working.”

Others Are Using This Loophole Too With FAST Results!

Our reporter has found over 40,000 other families in India that have had similar results.

Charan Ram Singh may have hacked the casino or done real black magic, whatever it is, it’s working. And making money FAST.

We are just happy a guru is actually helping others for once.

Naturally, the founders of Leovegas are furious about this and want to take Charan Ram Singh to court for breach of trust.

Since the publication of this article, we have received over 300 emails from our readers to ask how they can also take advantage of Leovegas.

How can you make money too?

You can use this trick too, as long as you are in India.

Reliable sources have told us that because of the controversy surrounding Charan Ram Singh, Leovegas is attempting to stop this jadu.

However, as of this trick still works.

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Remember, to activate the Charan Ram Singh black magic, you must deposit a minimum of Rs 1450. If you deposit more, you will earn more each time.


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