If you live in the Netherlands and want to earn some extra money easily, then this may be the most exciting article you’ll ever read.

Trusted casino site MagicRed, has been attacked by the hacker’s group Anonymous after launching their new online casino in the Netherlands. The attack caused the company to lose millions of Euros to its players.

This hack has already lost them close to 1 million Euros in free spins and cash prizes and the loss is going to continue to increase until when their new customer agreement takes effect.

What Exactly Happened?

According to reports from the Cybersecurity firms Talent-Jump and Trend Micro, hackers from China and the Middle East managed to penetrate the security systems of the online casino. Their purpose was to insert a program that generates free chips for each new user that registers on the MagicRed site.

Thousands of People from the Netherlands are now registering on the site and getting up to 500 Euro in free credits.

As a result, people are using the free credits and hitting jackpots that are costing MagicRed Casino heavily. What is making matters even worse for the company is that there is no way for them to fix it due to the strict gambling laws in the Netherlands which require Casino companies to notify at least 7 days in advance before changing their terms and conditions. So getting these bonuses for free is completely legal.”

Thousands of Winners

One company’s misfortune can be incredibly profitable for everyone else. One lucky woman, 26-year-old, registered with MagicRed Casino and claimed the free welcome bonus and after making her first 25 deposit for playing, she won the Slot Jackpot of 722,647. “I used to dread waking up each morning and going to a job that I hate, all to just be able to cover my rent and bills, now I have so much freedom.”

Finding the culprits

MagicRed Casino and its insurer commenced a claim against the security system Indigo Vision, which will have a lot to explain on how this happened. Spokesperson of the victim firm, responded to our inquiry via email, “This has been a very unfortunate and costly damage for the company, but we have to learn from it and move on. The Canadian market is very important to us and we are here to stay even after this costly error for the company.”


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