Scared of Corona? You’ll want to read this.

Marie Cameron was like most other people right now – terrified of catching the virus that is taking over the world.

Last week, after getting back from a trip to Europe, she woke up feeling unwell and phoned her boss. Her boss demanded she stay at home in quarantine for a minimum of 14 days and get the test to see if she has COVID-19.

Marie was worried. Was she entitled to sick pay? Would she have to pay for the COVID-19 test herself? It wouldn’t be cheap. She was isolated and concerned about making ends meet.

A few days into her quarantine, bored and worried about the financial consequences, she started to look for tips on ‘earning money from home’.

She’d always disapproved of her ex-husband’s poker habit, but decided to try her own luck and play some casino games in the hope of earning a few dollars. She didn’t need to deposit much upfront but still got a fat bonus to play with.

She signed up to Europa Casino, a trusted online casino, and got her generous welcome bonus. She researched the games with a huge payout rate and got started.

After a few hours of online betting, she hit the jackpot. It wasn’t even the biggest jackpot available, but $200,000 was going to cover her medical expenses and so much more!

Marie is still waiting to find out if she has the virus, but is feeling much more relaxed now she can afford the best medical care if something happens. She’s not happy being stuck at home, but she’s still enjoying playing some online casino games and is looking forward to hopefully getting the all-clear!

“It’s been a tough week, but it could be much worse. I’ve been extremely fortunate!


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