Until last Saturday, 2017 had been the worst year of Randy Fletcher’s life.

On a mid-January day, the 29-year-old Durban resident took a half-day off of work due to a severe case of diarrhea, only to find his wife of four years, Tara, in bed with a neighbor.

Fletcher, who works as a union electrician, felt that his life was cursed after losing his house and most of his life savings in the divorce proceedings that were finalized on.

That is until July 17, when his life changed forever.

While browsing with his old Samsung on Facebook, Fletcher found an online casino ad offering free spins.
“Nothing could be worst” he thought. So he tried his luck registering and playing with the free spins.
“I lost quite fast” reported Randy, “but I was so down, and this was kind of fun, so I gave it a chance and deposited R336 more”.
After playing for few nights, suddenly the screen started to make weird noises and showed raining coins, but when I saw the numbers of the Jackpot I couldn’t believe my eyes. R16,169,000! I had to call the customer support to believe this wasn’t a mistake.

Randy Fletcher had just won almost 17 million Rands jackpot.

I was in a complete shock for several hours, said Fletcher, It took me several minutes to catch my breath. It was the most unbelievable and amazing feeling I have ever had, especially after all that had happened this year.

Meanwhile, the frivolous ex-wife has already filed a complaint to receive part of the win but Randy does not seem worried: “Not only was I lucky enough to win this huge jackpot” said Randy “but karma gave me the pleasure of seeing these numbers just two days after the divorce was completed. I asked my lawyer and he confirmed that I rightly owe nothing to this b*** ch“.

Although he is one of the bigger winners of the jackpot, Randy is not the only one cashing out on Casino’s bonuses. Since they began the promotion, over 250 players throughout the country have won money from playing the games. It seems that the promotion will, however, be coming to a close soon given that the company has paid out winnings of around R300 million to new members since the promotion began. Other players in Cape Town have also shared in the winnings, just like Rob. You can’t always win that big, but if you don’t play, you don’t stand a chance.

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  1. Wow thats the way to get her back,I think she regrets cheating on her husband who is working his assssss of to make a living.you go dude

  2. yeah i just wanna let u know its not karma its GOD he sits up high but sees low….cant help but to LMAO when i read things like this…just show’s hey!!!enjoy your REWARD!!!bless i u man

  3. Hi all I would like to try my luck may be one I will be billionaire, doing like most farming and enjoy with my favourite wife and rest when were still young.


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